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Do you feel stuck and want to make progress again?
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The Intermediate Surf Companion contains all the fundamental information and knowledge you need as an intermediate surfer, packed into beautifully clear and dynamic illustrations with compact descriptions of every technique and maneuver.

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what people say.

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fabian b. , 

isa surfcoach, germany

“the book really covers anything you should know about surfing and the illustrations make it super quick and easy to understand and remember everything. it´s an absolute must-have for any surfer and there doesn’t exist anything like it. best investment ever!”

surfer riding a wave

Peter T. 

Intermediate Surfer Germany

"Surfers Companion is made with much love and affection by one of the most compassionate surf coaches I met in my life as a humble, but decent
amateur surf maniac.
The sketches are amazing, accurate and very helpful." 

surfer girl smiling and recommending surfcompanions

Mel D. 

Surfer from Fuerteventura, Spain

"I really enjoy surfcompanions because it enables everyone to understand and improve their skills. I appreciate and value that there are female and male illustrations , there are just the right amount of words describing maneuvers and despite the simplicity it's very clear. It's an amazing way to see yourself progress because you can keep track of your skills and motivate yourself by practicing more in order to reach the next step."

portait of surfer recommending surfcompanions

Douwe van S. , 

Intermediate Surfer Netherlands

"Surfcompanions helped me both with sharpening my basic technique and getting more into advanced maneuvers as bottom & top turns. I can really recommend it to any level of surfer!"


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partners from surfcompanions
partners from surfcompanions
partners from surfcompanions

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